Saturday 10 December 2016
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Testing the Reliability and Performance of an Application

Study after study has shown that User Experience has a direct impact on the revenue generated by customer-facing applications. One of the...


MACRA and the new Terms you will need to know!

You may or may not know about the new Healthcare legislation:  it is called:  MACRA.  It is not a full replacement of Meaningful Use,...


How can ASP.NET work better with Client-Side Frameworks?

Lately, there have many articles about how to make ASP.NET Core Javascript work better with client frameworks.. The latest is from Dot.NET...


Addressing the Security Challenges in Embedded Applications

The Internet of Things will commercialize the concept of the embedded application. These apps are now in more than just your smartphone...


RSNA is Amazing! As Usual! Highlights from the Conference

Telliant is here at RSNA, this is our 2nd year attending.  This is a truly amazing conference.  There are many innovative companies here;...


Latest DotNet Curry Magazine – .NET Development

What’s New in .NET Development? We find that there are many places to get information about the latest trends, but DotNetCurry...


Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate

What’s New?  Well, Lots! Boost Your Productivity!  Enhancements to code navigation, IntelliSense, refactoring, code fixes, and...


IT Webinars that You Might be Interested in Viewing

What is new with Software Development? How do I find out what might work for my development strategy? Webinars are a great way to explore...


What will the IT Trends in 2017 be? How do I Prepare?

The only thing constant is change, and these 10 IT trends coming to data centers through 2017, including open standards, require...


FACT SHEET: Quality Payment Program and Health Information Technology

The Latest Updates to help EHR vendors with the final MACRA rule: On October 14, 2016, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services...