Thursday 29 September 2016
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What’s Next for Data Analytics, MACRA & Value Based Care?

Data analytics has innumerable possible uses in the healthcare industry. Eventually, many experts believe that data analytics will play a...


Software Coding Standards – Why are they Important?

What is a software coding standard?  A comprehensive coding standard encompasses all aspects of code construction. Completed source code...


Congress Supports Innovative Technology in Healthcare

Congress is finally supporting technology efforts such as telemedicine to help healthcare expand to the masses. Last Thursday, September...


Best Open Source Tools for DevOps Software Development

In order to support DevOps, organizations generally deploy a number of different tools, and many of the top DevOps tools are available...

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Digital Assistants and Bots are the Future of Computing

Ever since 2011 and the introduction of Siri, digital assistants have become increasingly intertwined with the general public’s everyday...

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Survey Says, CXO’s Want to Move Forward with Digital Transformation

Latest Article in Tech Republic : 72% of CXOs committed to digital transformation, only 15% believe they can do it. So, What do you do...

Technology Terms

Technology Terms – You Should Know Or Want to Know!

TechTarget has a wealth of information.  From time to time they showcase some of the technology-terms we would benefit from knowing!...

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Health Apps, Are they a Hacker’s Best Friend?

Do you think that people relying on Health apps have escalated? Yes, it has. Mobile health apps are the fastest growing segment in the apps...


EHR Interoperability Under MACRA

It is no secret that healthcare IT, especially electronic health records (EHR) systems, have lagged behind other divisions of IT. In 2015,...


Microsoft Replacing the Azure RemoteApp for Citrix XenApp

Microsoft is continually changing the way it does things for business, now they are in the process of replacing its 2-year-old Azure...