Monday 24 October 2016
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CMS Releases MACRA Final Ruling

CMS announces new initiative to increase clinician engagement First step of the initiative is to reduce medical review for certain Advanced...


Is Delaying your Software Development Project Right?

With time-to-market windows closing, and budgets tight, the decision to delay your software project might be in the thought process.  This...

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Patient Portals, How Can we Make them Better?

We all want to have the ease of use that we enjoy from ATMs and online banking to be the experience we have with our healthcare patient...


Microsoft Ignite Highlights

Atlanta is hosting the Microsoft Ignite Conference this week.  So far, there has not been much revealed. There were many products that...


What’s Next for Data Analytics, MACRA & Value Based Care?

Data analytics has innumerable possible uses in the healthcare industry. Eventually, many experts believe that data analytics will play a...


Software Coding Standards – Important?

What is a software coding standard?  A comprehensive coding standard encompasses all aspects of code construction. Completed source code...


Congress Supports Innovative Technology in Healthcare

Congress is finally supporting technology efforts such as telemedicine to help healthcare expand to the masses. Last Thursday, September...


Best Open Source Tools for DevOps Software Development

In order to support DevOps, organizations generally deploy a number of different tools, and many of the top DevOps tools are available...

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Digital Assistants and Bots are the Future

Ever since 2011 and the introduction of Siri, digital assistants have become increasingly intertwined with the general public’s everyday...

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Survey Says, CXO’s want to Move Forward with Digital Transformation

Latest Article in Tech Republic : 72% of CXOs committed to digital transformation, only 15% believe they can do it. So, What do you do...