Thursday 24 May 2018
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The Best and Most Useful Plugins for Xamarin

The Best and Most Useful Plugins for Xamarin

When it comes to plugins.  MSDN Channel 9 is one of the places to get the latest information.

Useful Plugins for Xamarin

Easily add native functionality to Xamarin.Forms apps

There are many native platform features that exist across all platforms but have slightly different APIs. Developers write plugins to create an abstract cross-platform interface for those features that they can also share with others.

These features include: battery status, compass, motion sensors, geolocation, text-to-speech, and a lot more. Plugins allow these features to be easily accessed by Xamarin.Forms applications.

Finding and Adding Plugins

The Xamarin community has created many cross-platform plugins compatible with Xamarin.Forms – a large collection can be found at:

Xamarin Plugins

For a guide to adding NuGet packages to your project, see our walkthrough on including a NuGet package in your project.

Creating plugins

It’s also possible to create and publish your own plugins as Nuget packages (and Xamarin Components). Many existing plugins are open-source so you can review their code to understand how they have been writtern.

For example, the list of plugins below are all open source, and they correspond to the samples in the DependencyServicesection:

  • Text-to-Speech by James Montemagno – GitHub and NuGet
  • Battery Status by James Montemagno – GitHub and NuGet

Those Github projects can provide a good starting point for creating your own cross-platform plugins, as do these instructions for creating a plugin for Xamarin.

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