Thursday 21 February 2019
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Are you at HIMSS17? What are you missing out?

Are you at HIMSS17? What are you missing out?

Are you at HIMSS17, if not, what are you missing out? HIMSS17, taking place in Orange County Convention Centre is paving way, to bridge the gap between healthcare and IT and working together with various entities to improve the cost, quality, access and value with technology in healthcare. A 5-day program from 19-23 February with around 1200 companies exhibiting in the city of Orlando, Florida to discuss the major concerns underlying the healthcare IT sector. Thousands of healthcare and IT professional get to meet and share their viewpoints on healthcare technology with just one agenda of transforming healthcare in people’s life via IT.


The reason what makes HiMSS17 so bigger and exciting than the last year, is the hot topics, that will be covered this year by big personalities from various areas in healthcare and IT.

Let us throw some light on these hot topics for the event:

  1. CLINICAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Clinical business intelligence is one of the hot topics to be discussed during the event. Improving care delivery, cost and quality, healthcare system always remains the focus of discussion and business intelligence helps achieving these goals.


  • What are the best practices?
  • Which tools and resources are required to leverage best results?
  • Strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiency in both fee-for-service and value-based worlds?
  1. CONNECTED HEALTH: Connected Health is a model that makes healthcare delivery easy and remotely available to consumers. Technology has help bridge the gap between clinicians and patients to improve care quality and better self-manage health . “Personalized health and wellness are the top areas where investors are placing their money” according to Polina Hanin, academy director at Startup Health focusing on the importance of connected health.


  • What are the challenges faced?
  • Which new technology care models are beneficial?
  • Some success stories related to connected health.
  1. HIE, INTEROPERABILITY AND DATA ACCESS: Intermountain’s MD Mark Lewis talked about the challenges faced in cancer treatment at HIMSS17 on Sunday, he also mentioned that “Interoperability is also a challenge, as there’s no real industry standard. HL7 has made great use of FHIR, but it’s not yet used in labs”. As you see, Interoperability still holds a big challenge in the healthcare IT sector which calls for systematic approach towards the same. At HIMSS, you have the chance to experience the “true intent of interoperability” wherein you can securely access, interact and analyze health data. You can explore any educational tours, interactive sessions to educate yourself about health IT.
  1. CYBERSECURITY: One of the major challenge that the healthcare sector is currently facing is the security of clinical data. At HIMSS, you will not just be educated about the importance of “cybersecurity” but also what we need to do to draw a line, in order to stop hackers from accessing health data and making security as strong as possible using technology. Mitch Parker, Executive Director of Information and Compliance for Indiana University Health said “Security is not something that can be bought. It’s a mindset and program within an organization that keeps systems secure” while speaking on Cybersecurity at HIMSS.
  1. INNOVATION IN HEALTHCARE: Without innovation survival is difficult. For any industry innovation is a constant driving force and so in healthcare. Today healthcare and IT go hand in hand and we cannot think otherwise. “Innovation can be difficult in healthcare, but it’s more important than ever” said Rebecca Kaul, Chief innovation officer of MD Anderson on innovation. At HIMSS, you will learn ideas about new product development, ways to innovate and market your products efficiently and funding related topics.
  1. PUBLIC POLICY IN HEALTH IT: Policy in healthcare acts as a roadmap to guide them make important decision. The state and federal IT policy plays a fundamental role in using IT in healthcare like the Medicare and Medicaid policy does. In the last decade we have seen that the Government have shown tremendous interest in healthcare space and also encouraged the merger of health and IT. In the event you will get to know efforts taken by Government to promote healthcare quality and innovation and transformation of health and IT.

And there more topics that are covered during this 5-day program that may interest you. Like always HIMSS is covering all the healthcare IT related issues and challenges and giving us more opportunities to learn, meet people, strategize and build innovative products. Hope you are there and having a great time.

Visit us at HIMSS17, Booth #2993 | Where the Brightest Minds in Health & IT Meet!

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