Wednesday 19 December 2018
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Must Have Technologies for Healthcare IT

Must Have Technologies for Healthcare IT


Virtualized Mobile Health :  Security of health data is what HIPPA is all about. With this type virtualized e-health organizations can ensure their patients and physicians are HIPPA compliant while enabling healthcare IT organizations to deploy any app to any device for any employee type (full time, contractor, affiliate) – in less that 60 seconds with full HIPAA compliance.

Virtual Healthcare is not a new concept and working within the HIPPA security requirements is key to expanding these technologies.  There’s no doubt about the fact that mobility is on the rise and data is transforming the healthcare industry to make it more effective. Virtual Care or telemedicine technologies are expanding to gain significant strides to help people. To be able to marry these two very necessary pieces of the Healthcare pie will ensure that virtual, mobile healthcare technologies will succeed.

AI and Robotics in Healthcare will not remove the physician (at least not now), it will be there to improve the workflow in the clinical organization.  Many hospitals and health systems with strict cost controls are looking at tech to improve ROI.  Although many wonder and are concerned with new tools leading to potential job losses.  According to many industry experts, these types of Artificial technologies will actually help clinicians alleviate burdens and return to interactions with patients.

An article in Healthcare Dive:  Robots are not coming for physicians’ jobs — but that doesn’t mean new tech won’t change workflows delves into this phenomenon and helps us understand why AI and Robotics will provide big benefits.

Enhanced Patient and Consumer-Centered Health:  Improving Patient Engagement will help increase outcomes and MACRA initiatives and patient billing and accounts receivable.  Taking a page out of the retail industry may be helpful according to David Kriesand, Banner Health’s Vice President of the Consumer Experience Center, said in a previous interview with “As consumers have more choice and healthcare decisions impact their wallets more, they will increasingly compare their healthcare experience to the expectations they have developed in other aspects of their lives.”

The important thing to remember for healthcare providers and the technology they use is that as patients have more responsibility for paying their own healthcare, the result will be prioritizing quality care and positive experience

Centralized Databases are necessary for the new mobile enabled healthcare customer. Centralized and connected databases will increase the likelihood of interoperable healthcare organizations. Health records that are complete and not siloed are the key element to building a complete record of health for doctors and patients to benefiting.  The lack of interoperability leads to high costs. But it also makes these systems loaded with private patient information extremely vulnerable to security breaches.

Marketing Automation for Healthcare is not just about social media and messaging. Tools to automate everyday processes are ones that will include data integration, patient monitoring and patient communication.  Gathering data with real-time analytics to benefit medical professionals that easily target communications to patients with directed messaging is more helpful with chronic diseases. Medical administrators can use this aggregated information to make decisions and help solve problems quickly.

Virtualized Mobile Health, AI and Robotics in Healthcare, Enhanced Patient and Consumer-Centered Health, Centralized Databases,  Marketing Automation for Healthcare technologies are just five tech trends that are changing the medical profession. These tools seek to improve patient communication, optimize healthcare management processes and could even save lives.

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