Thursday 21 February 2019
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.NET Core Tips & Tricks 2018

.NET Core Tips & Tricks 2018

What’s the Latest on .NET core?

Below are the part 1 of the .Net Core roadmap vids from MSDN and part 2:  of the .NET Core Roadmap

Scott Hunter, Richard Lander, Daniel Roth, and Andrew Peters come on the show to tell us about the roadmap for .NET Core 2.1. They cover some of the exciting new features and improvements being added to .NET Core 2.1, ASP.NET 2.1, and Entity Framework 2.1.

In Part 1 you will find information about:

  • NET Core Growth
  • .NET Core 2.1 Themes
  • Performance improvements for tooling
  • New Features in .NET Core 2.1
  • Updates to the .NET CLI
  • New features in ASP.NET Core 2.1
  •  New features in Ef Core 2.1
  • Estimated Schedule

Part 2:  In this second part of our discuss on the .NET Core 2.1 Roadmap, Scott Hunter, Richard Lander, Daniel Roth, and Andrew Peters return to go through demos of the new features.

In Part 2 you will find details on:

  • Global tools
  • Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core
  • SignalR on ASP .NET Core
  • ASP .NET Core HTTPS and HSTS support
  •  ASP .NET Core GDPR support
  • ASP .NET Core Identity UI
  • Improvements for building Web APIs
  • Managing HttpClient instances with HttpClientFactory
  • Lazy Loading in Entity Framework Core 2.1
  • CosmosDB support in Entity Framework Core 2.1
  • Estimated Schedule

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