Saturday 20 October 2018
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Integrating Real-Time Data Capture Into Your Applications

Integrating Real-Time Data Capture Into Your Applications

There are many more benefits than you think! With real-time data capture there are many options!   Take a look at these 10 benefits your business can enjoy by integrating real-time data capture into your applications!

1. Proactive Application Management

Instant feedback from your application allows you to make informed, proactive decisions. For example, if you see a data server is running slowly, you can quickly inform IT, who can then investigate the issue.

 2. Get Real-Time Feedback

Real-time data capture allows you to get better feedback about your performance. Think about an e-commerce application, for example. When you roll-out a new feature, you can instantly see how traffic and sales are doing, and get feedback!

 3. Increase Employee Productivity

Real-time data capture allows you to increase employee productivity, as there is less time spent processing and analyzing data after it’s been stored.

 4. Better Customer Service

With a real-time data capture methodology, you can quickly understand issues like downtime and errors, allowing you to solve them faster, and provide better customer service for your application.

5.  Blazing-Fast Data Processing

 In a traditional analytics model, data is analyzed in a batch process, which can take quite a while to run. But with a modern real-time data capture methodology, you have instant access to all of your data – as soon as you get it!

6. Understand Your Audience And Monitor Customer Behavior

Real-time data capture can be a powerful tool for understanding how customers behave. For example, your eCommerce site could integrate a tool that monitors cart abandonment rates for certain customers – and then you could use that information to sell products more effectively.

7. Save Time And Money

Manual data logging, processing, and analytics tasks are extremely time-consuming, and often require multiple employees. But with a real-time data capture platform, you can eliminate this additional cost overhead – and maximize efficiency.

8. Eliminate The Delay Between Data Capture And Analytics

You don’t have to process data before it’s analyzed with a real-time data capture platform. It’s all available instantly, so you’ll never have to worry about acting on outdated insights or data.

9. Automate Data Analytics Processes

You can set up any modern real-time data capture system to automatically analyze data, and create custom-generated reports that can be sent directly to you. This ensures you always know what’s going on in your business – without having to do it yourself!

10. Stay Organized

Because real-time data capture logs all data consistently in a single database, you don’t have to worry about data siloing, missing data, or other data management errors. This helps you stay organized, and become more efficient.

See The Benefits Of Integrating Real-Time Data Capture For Yourself!

If you need your data to be available instantly, and are interested in these 10 benefits, don’t wait. Think about how you can integrate real-time data capture into your next application, and see these benefits for yourself!

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