Thursday 21 February 2019
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Top-Tech at PGA Merchandise Show!

Top-Tech at PGA Merchandise Show!

This week in Orlando, Florida at the PGA Merchandise Show, tens of thousands of PGA industry leaders and professionals including golfers, trainers, suppliers and technology company experts converge on the sunshine state to share their knowledge.  There are over 1,100 Interactive Exhibits, allowing attendees to meet face-to-face with golf merchandise manufacturers & distributors to find the latest products for your facility or pro shop. The Orange County Convention Center is hosting the PGA’s largest show this year.

Golf technology is on full display this year covering many areas of interest:  Golf-club management and tournaments, training aids and analytics, and everything in player’s tech. As we walked around, we have noted the top players in the golf-tech world:

Golf Simulators

When looking for the latest golf simulators there are quite a few to choose from, going to the PGA Merchandise show will allow you to look at them up-close and personal some of the ones we have had the pleasure to check out at the show:  AboutGolf Limited would be one you would look for improving your game with their hi-tech club and ball tracking technology. They are known for their PGA Tour Simulators powered by their 3Trak launch monitors.

The Ernest Sports Simulation Package includes all you need to have simulation at your home, golf facility or business.  Now you can have the ability to play a full 18-hole round of golf in the comfort of your own home.

NextLinks provides an 18-hole golfing experience on a fully enclosed footprint as small as 1,000 SF.  Customized and scaled up to accommodate hundreds of players concurrently. A perfect answer for various business owners looking to re-energize their preexisting revenue streams.

Sensor Technology

Boditrak Sports is helping athletes understand what their body is doing when they interact with the ground, their sensor technologies provide real-time data –giving trainers and athletes information that is insightful.

Club Management

If communication and service solutions for your club is what you need, there are some really great options to check out at PGA. We checked out Jonas Club Software & Club systems Group who built a great product that will help clubs enrich member relationships, increase revenues and decrease costs. foreUP Golf is an innovative cloud-based technology that makes it simple to manage everything you need from any device. Inventory audits, customer management, tee sheet changes—you can keep it all in your back pocket.

Event Management Software for Tournaments

Going the extra mile to make your event special and run smoothly is why you need a top-notch tournament software, the PGA show showcases many of these types of software Event-Man Tournament software is one you will find to help you easily manage all aspects of your golf events, they focus our attention on the details, offering features to administer every type of tournament format and specializes in Round-Robin, Match Play & Pari-mutuels.

Tournament Expert is a complete Golf Tournament Management Software. GHIN compatible. Internet signup. Use smartphones to enter scores & view results. Drag &

Vision Perfect is a fully web-based tournament management app with on-line event registration for team or group sign-ups, fully customizable reports and ability to print on courses own scorecards. Their mobile app; ViPer provides live updates and in-cart scoring with live TV/video leaderboards and scoreboards.

Perfect Golf Event focuses on helping to provide an economical, highly efficient golf tournament experience that has a one-stop shop to organizations searching for guidance in everything from golf tournament websites, golf tournament management, and golf tournament registration.

Hi-tech Tracking and Analytics

Improving your game is what tracking and analytics is all about.  FlightScope helps athletes with understanding data parameters: carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash, vertical launch angle, spin, height and flight time. If you want to focus on improving your swing, Swing Catalyst is a complete swing analysis system for golfers. They are a video analysis software, pressure and force plate technologies + complete swing studio solutions.

Mobile Scheduling

GolfBook helps golfers Book, Connect, and Play. Powered by CBS Sports Digital, this cutting-edge tee time platform uses social tools to help golfers book reservations and fill their groups

Golf Club Rewards Programs

GolfStatus takes the relationship with your club membership and vendors to a new level by providing courses opportunities to form partnerships with vendors, sponsors, and brands eager to capitalize on moments-based marketing to drive sales at your club. GolfStatus helps courses grow advertising revenue through an easy, effective, and web-based mobile rewards platform.

Golf Mobile Apps

Golf apps are everywhere, they promise to do many things at the PGA show they can be found as stand-alone tech or integrated; we have found a few that really stand out to make golfer’s better and more efficient:

Swing by Swing’s Clubby Golf brand develops top-rated customized mobile apps across GPS & scorecard, instruction & training and social & ball tracing for top golf clubs and instructors.

80BREAKR is helping make golf more fun, easier, and brings new ideas & technology to help EVERY amateur golfer improve. Easier GPS, easier scorecard, easier competitions and easier golf improvement.

ParTee is the epitome of a golf-social app, it connects all that is golf in one simple place, golfer, courses, pros, companies and non-profit orgs with the end goal: helping everyone play more golf!

The PGA Merchandise Show is sure to please!


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